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I was born in Pensicola, Florida and grew up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. The first job I had was cleaning up hair at a friends barbershop. I learned early on that you must earn your keep thanks to mom! At 17 I started a pest control company to earn extra money. I did that part time for a couple of years. Early in my life I felt the need to be an entrepreneur, I just never knew in what area. My carpet and upholstery cleaning career started after I became laid off from LTV Steel Cleveland and a friend told me about a job cleaning carpet at Sears carpet and upholstery cleaning. In my experience I have found people will call a company based on the company name.

It's not the company It's the technician that comes out to represent the company. They must have the proper tools and knowledge to do the job. The technician must be happy with their job and the company in order to deliver a good job to you the customer.

Are you using your carpet cleaning company for their name, or the job they give you?

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Don't Just Clean Your Carpet...Maintain It!


    Owners Will Watts & Roy Jones Jr.




Our goal is to educate consumers on how important it is to service your upholstery and top mattress. Upholstery and Mattress purchases are expensive. You should invest in a maintenance plan to preserve your upholstery and mattress. Call us for details


Our Mission;
To treat every customer like the first customer that you had. Do the best job each time and give a fair price that's competitive based on the job that you are going to deliver. Treat all customers and their property with respect.

Will Watts CEO

Pensicola Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance Inc. 
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