Our Mission

  To treat every customer like the first customer that you had. Do the best job each time and give a fair price that's competitive based on the job that you are going to deliver. Treat all customers and their property with respect.     

 Company History

    My carpet and upholstery cleaning career started after being laid off from LTV Steel. I started with Sears carpet and upholstery cleaning Brecksville, Ohio in 1991. I learned the basic skills and responsibilities of the position. After 3 years I was offered a supervisory position because of my personality, knowledge and dedication. My love for being on the road and meeting new people lead me in another direction and Sears offered me the role of Trainer. In this position the new employees training was my responsibility. During that time with the help of the company I formed a safety committee to oversee the safety of the workers and help form new ideas to keep the work place safe. My perfect attendance was a reflection of my love and commitment to the job. This is where I realized my love for the carpet cleaning business. 

   In 1996 I started cleaning carpet and upholstery at Coit Cleaning Service Cleveland, Ohio where my carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning skills were fine tuned. At this time I learned professional fabric knowledge on cleaning fine upholstery. During this period I decided to form my own company. It started part time until my customer base grew. I took the experience from both companies and formed Pensicola Carpet & Upholstery Maintenance.  We currently have 3 trucks and 5 employees.  

  This is our formula to make the customer happy. First a good cleaning must start with the technician that comes out to do the work. If they are not happy with their work, it will show up in their cleaning job. Second the technician must have a very high level of training and knowledge and needs to bring the proper tools. Third you must stand by your work be on time and always try and satisfy the customer. This formula works!


Member of The Black Carpet Cleaning Association of Ohio

 Certification***Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration

 Certification***Special Fabric Carpet and Upholstery

 Certification***Safe Driver Awards




Pensicola Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance Inc. 
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